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I first encountered EA in late 2022 and in the summer of 2023 joined the Intro EA Virtual Program as my first real exposure to EA concepts and the EA community. 

Over those weeks in the course, diving into different EA topics, ideas and thoughts and getting to discuss them with my facilitator and fellow attendees, my connection to it grew.

As personal background I will share that I began feeling a desire to help the world around 2014, soon after finishing undergrad. This desire first pushed me to start volunteering for local organizations in small efforts, such as picking up trash in neighborhoods, assisting non profits with various manual labor type tasks and mentoring young adults. But those activities didn't satisfy my need. I tried a different strategy, which involved me changing careers to becoming a teacher and thereby getting to help others directly through education, and acquiring purposeful and family supporting careers. That worked for a few years, but afterwards I realized that it wasn't satisfying in every way I needed. The impact as a teacher was very individual, and thereby minimal in a grand scheme. I however, felt pushed to help in a greater scale.

I think that's one of the main reasons EA calls to me. It's about helping the world, and it looks at not just my town, but the world, not just those alive now, but in the future too. 

From a professional perspective my background is in engineering, program management, logistics, operations & consulting in the Aerospace, Defense and Manufacturing industries. I have also worked in Higher Education focused on training and workforce development.

In Spring 2023 I decided to take some time in the upcoming summer to figure out what I would like the next professional chapter of my life to be in order to do something that had that global impact. I was undeniably a bit rudderless, but what ended up giving me direction was learning more about EA. With that extra time in the summer I was able to commit and attend the intro program. Since the program ended I also attended my first EA conference (EAGxNYC) last month and met, interacted and connected with altruists in person for the very first time. (It was a great event and experience)

The net effect is that I am now committed to shifting my career towards high impact and EA related work.

How others can help me

If you know of an open role that is related to project/program management, operations, logistics, jack-of-all-trades, bringing groups together, community building, etc in the EA community please reach out. In addition as an engineer my background might be suited to some opportunities in the green energy sector, so if you know of opportunities again I would love to know! 


How I can help others

If you think I can in any way, do reach out!


Awesome thank for the links and thoughts. I have actually been debating applying to the s risk fellowship, but with your mention finally applied.

Agreed that the big picture falls under the human alignment / malicious human use. It's likely the area which has been more researched historically, and I need to delve deeper into it. I've been putting off being more involved in LessWrong, but I will now make an account there as well with your highlight. 

Thank you

I appreciate you sharing these! I've already started to read them

I'm not associated with EV but yes your intuition is correct, I first saw the openings a little while ago. 

I'm curious how is this opening related to the opening at CEA for a Groups Support Contractor from last month? Did that process reach fulfillment or is this new posting replacing it? https://www.centreforeffectivealtruism.org/careers/groups-support-contractor?fbclid=IwAR3Tbrf1yqLpCBV60UAwI3FE-rM5GyncAfT4nlM0NZoNUbjPsoph9vWli3A

Awesome! I'd love the templates you're using now. 

You do mention doing the tasks that require the least effort first, and progressively towards tasks that require more effort if the priority is otherwise similar. How come?


Asking because I've actually tried switching that up lately for myself. I used to do the easiest things to get off the list, but realized that my mental capacity wanes as the day goes, and maybe its best to to high mental drain tasks first because low mental drain tasks I still have enough energy for late in the day. Still adjusting though!

Thank you both. That's actually the first time I see the $1.25/day post. I'm not sure if it's due to it being more than a decade old or other reasons, but I found it extremely useful in directly and concisely explaining that such values are taking into account PPP and are based on consumption. 

As that relates to the readings in the EA intro program, I just went back to check, and what I missed was that the analysis and comparisons are based on "international dollars" which account for PPP. 

As mentioned though having a dedicated post in the handbook referring to this would be recommended. It would certainly answer some of the confusion I've had understanding some of the points before y'all took the time to respond here!

Not a problem, that's a good starting point for me to effectively jump into the different reasons and find sources. I appreciate it!

Alright Robi, that's excellent! There's probably an increased rate of applications towards the last few weeks so seems to be on a successful trend.

For someone new to looking at AI concerns, can either of you briefly explain why Meta is worse than the others? The biggest difference I'm aware of is that Meta is open source vs the others that are not

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