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Mechanical Engineer working out of Sheffield in the UK. I am working on next-generation PPE and its use in reducing biological x-risks.

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Networking with biosecurity experts

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Information/advice on PPE, engineering and product development, and industrial water. 


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This is an interesting post! I've been working on a lightweight respiratory transmission model as part of a recently started biosec project (, focused on the effects of PPE, and am very much seeing the limitations of published models - would love to chat about this, I'll pop you a message :)

Thanks Matt, an initial skim of the paper shows some very interesting results, so we'll certainly look into it!

These are very early stage concepts to help us brainstorm more than anything – real designs will come about over a much longer development process, but will be particularly informed by the feasibility study we’re hoping to undertake. Cost, ease of manufacture and comfort are all key areas for us!