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    Hello all, I am new here, and discovered the forum while looking for sources of statistical data and research to assist in writing articles pertaining to criminal justice reform.  My goal is to open a non-profit in Louisville, Kentucky that will assist ex-felons, and others, obtain jobs, find housing, file for expungements, etc.  My program will be innovative and one of a kind because it will incorporate the ability to closely observe the way a small business operates with the forming of a barbecue/catering/food truck operation simulataneouslym. which would serve as a working model of how small businesses operate.  The program would encourage the formation of small businesses by showing that this can prove to be a fairly simple process.  The issues faced by the criminal justice system require us to look at the system from a different angle.  Personally, my focus is on the period immediately leading up to and following release.  In the last decade we witnessed massive increases in the number of people interested in social issues, especially criminal justice reform, however, little seems to have come from it.  In reality, there appears to be a distance between academia and organizers.  Likely because academics can be a bit snooty, but in many respects have the right be.  They know the answers lie in the research that they tirelessly work to produce.  There is a strong argument that community centers with adequate programs are the answer.  Seeing people all riled up about issues with no clear guidance or goals can be frustrating.  To resolve this, researchers could spend more time getting the research into the hands of organizers and helping to fund or promote ideas that they believe would work.  I would like to do more than just think about my ideas and plan to establish these programs with the goal of reducing crime and helping people maintain positive lifestyles free of crime.  I have started a GoFundMe for this purpose, mostly because I was not sure about where else to start.  My social media pages have been inactive so long that I have lost touch with many people sharing similar interests. however, I look forward to interacting with people on these issues. 


    I am pleased to have found this site; it seems like a great place to keep up to date with current research from reliable academic sources regarding criminal justice reform.  The problem with movements such as Black Lives Matter is that they bring lots of well meaning folks together, that do want change, without the proper information from trusted academic leaders who have spent years doing the research.  We need to bridge this divide, and put the information in the hands of organizers on the ground.  Otherwise people just stand around wondering what they are supposed to be doing.  I will certainly be re-posting links to articles such as this one.  Thanks!

    Wonderful article.  Although I love the gradual re-entry idea, I think we have to be careful not to impede on the right to be free from too much control after one has served their sentence.  I have ideas, and have been fund-raising, to start an NGO that assists ex-felons post-release locate jobs, housing, and even learn how to start a small business.  For me, I believe that the answer to promoting crime free lives is in assuring that people have their basic needs met; safe housing, a means to a sustainable income, access to education, etc.  Basically a feeling of well-being and belonging to a society that values their contribution.  I have started a GoFundMe to help achieve these goals.