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New cause area: bivalve aquaculture

I think a stronger case may be made for substituting fish with bivalves, though this is again anecdotal.

Can I have impact if I’m average?

I second that this is a problem exacerbated by 80,000 hours. For example, I used to work in biomedical research, and 80,000 hours recommends a career path that involves getting a PhD at a top school. I did my PhD in India, which severely limits my career capital. Eventually, I decided to leave research and move to data science to ETG. To be clear, there were other factors involved and I think it's likely that 80,000 hours is correct that it's only worth being in academic research if you are in the top 0.1%. But it is strangely discouraging nonetheless

Animal welfare orgs: what are your software and data analysis needs?

There is a list here where I see "Front-end web development" and "back-end web development

We're announcing a $100,000 blog prize

I've been in EA for 5+years and I agree this is a shocking amount of money. Even assuming that starting a blog is useful, I doubt that the incentive for someone to start a blog would be substantially different if the prize was let's say $15,000

Rethink Priorities - 2021 Impact and 2022 Strategy

How do I make cause area restricted donations?

Liberty in North Korea, quick cost-effectiveness estimate

I looked into LINK earlier this year and had the vague impression that they are not funding constrained since newer security rules during COVID have added too many barriers to attempting rescue.

Make a $100 donation into $200 (or more)

Longtermists who want to donation trade against animal charities send me a message on the forum. UPDATE: Here are the ones I've already donated to:

AMA: Jeremiah Johnson, Director/Founder of the Neoliberal Project

What are your thoughts on Singer's criticism of open borders?

"But given that concerns about immigration have clearly brought about the election of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote, and the election of right-wing governments in Hungary and Poland, I think that the moral imperative is not to have open borders."

AMA: Jeremiah Johnson, Director/Founder of the Neoliberal Project

What are concrete ways for EAs to support increased immigration in rich countries?

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