2 karmaJoined May 2015


Location: Oslo, Norway

Remote: Yes, but prefer on-premise

Willing to relocate: Yes


  • Project management and product ownership: Four years experience with managing digital products for banking and finance in the Nordics.
  • EA community building and leadership: Six years experience with leading and breaking new ground on effective altruism community-building efforts in a university context (~35 members) and at the national level (~200 members) in Norway.
  • Technical aptitude: As a researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology I wrote a model in MATLAB and Python, which I had learnt through online courses outside my regular course work at university. In my current position I contribute significantly to technical specifications, write database query scripts, and design and test API endpoints.

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J8FLqnf5KEX3qiNhOon3QbtyCTKkhGEN/view?usp=sharing

Email: ringvold (at) skiff (dot) com


  • Cause areas
    • I want to help the largest number of people I can in a longtermist perspective. I think my current experience best fits something within AI alignment/safety or EA community building, but I’m pretty flexible and open to other opportunities.
  • Full-time
    • Yes.
  • Availability
    • 3-4 months after receiving an offer. (I have a three month notice period in my current position, counted from the first of the next month after the notice is handed in.)
  • Experience with EA
    • Since 2014. I have been a part of building the EA community in Norway and have read most of the relevant books.
  • Looking for
    • What's important to me to thrive personally is to have dynamic and evolving tasks/responsibilities at work and to work with collaborative and intellectually rigorous people.