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I am trained as a lawyer with 5 years experience working with humanitarian and legal empowerment organizations in Kenya to address policy issues and legislative processes.

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I am passionate about social security and seek opportunities in global health and wellbeing, and interventions to address existential risk particularly in the global south.

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Reach out to me for advocacy, legal research and analysis in humanitarian work and events. 


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Hi there Kassa,

You can always find such opportunities in the events and fellowships section on the forum!

Best, Anne N N



The program is supported by members of the EA Nairobi Chapter alongside other EAs in Africa in consultation with CEA.


Hi Kearney,

Thank you for your interest in the program. The Penn Development Research Initiative will be running a fellowship program for junior African social scientists with interests in impact evaluation, evidence-based policy etc. to spend a semester at Penn. This will be in September-December 2023.

If this piques your interest, please have a closer look here. I am happy to get in touch and discuss this further.


Anne  N N

Hi Thomas,


Apologies for the previous error. The program will be organized by members drawn from the EA Nairobi chapter, including myself while being supported by Daniel Yu. 

Kind Regards,

Anne N N


Hi Abdul,

Great to hear from you. We're very excited to host the program in Zanzibar.

Thank you for the observation. The form has been fixed.


Anne N N

Hi there Lincoln,

Thank you for your gracious offer. We would be honored to have Waves' presence in the program. Please send me an email on so we can work everything out. 

I look forward to speaking with you.


Anne N N

Hi Ren,

We endeavor to provide fellows all round support during the subsistence of the program. This will include accommodation,  a co-working space with high speed fibre internet access, Swahili classes, entertainment, team building activities and a living stipend.

You can reach me on my email at incase of queries or concerns.


Anne N N

Hi Chidi,

The objective of the residency is to provide structured support and develop community connections between Effective Altruists working on projects improving wellbeing across the African continent.

We endeavor to foster an environment of reflection and collaboration amongst EA aligned professionals within which thoughts, ideas and interventions in Effective Altruism are encouraged,  discussed, critiqued and supported accordingly. 

Indeed, fellows will have the opportunity to create aligned connections and forge valuable, long lasting networks. The support we seek to offer fellows include accommodation, a co-working space, language support through Swahili classes, amongst others. 

You may reach me on my email at to attend to any concern arising.


Anne N N

Hi Neel,



The Residency program is guaranteed funding by Daniel Yu, founder and CEO of Wasoko, while awaiting potential funding from other sources.

Hi Lauren,

Successful applicants who make requests to be indulged on time may be considered.

I hope this answers your question.


Anne Nganga

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