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From the article: "An estimated $4 – $7 billion in matching gift funds goes unclaimed per year." I work for a well known tech company (big 4 subsidiary), where the maximum gift match is $10k. This is not a small amount of money (even I am not currently giving at this level). On the flip side, while there aren't very many companies like mine, there are probably quite a number of places like your company that offer smaller charitable match thresholds. I am sort of wondering where the previously cited figure comes from. Does it come from many companies like yours, where the charitable match is relatively low? Or does it come from a small number of companies like mine with a relatively high charitable match?

So here's a question I've been thinking about. Suppose I pivot to full-time EA work at one of the funded EA organizations described here. I have a good time and make the world a better place by delivering safe AI to a few customers. However, my organization of choice ends up being too longtermist to turn a profit, the funding from the Future Fund runs out, or whatever, and I need to find something more stable to support myself and my (future--hopefully!) family.  How do I sell the experience I gained at an EA company to mainstream stable employers (like at a bank or a top tech company)?