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Thanks for a great report! Now I'm not an economist, nor a smart not-economist, so I'm unable to provide any valuable insight to the subject itself.

It is really refreshing read something this object level from EA. Reading the full report gave me a lot of facts about the world that I can make use of.

Staying 6 levels of meta above something is only productive for so long, and while being on a low level isn't particularly sexy, it's important.

I realize that while writing this I'm falling prey to the exact failur I'm trying to criticize. I'm not actually debating the issues I found with your spotlight on Opioid Use Disorder in Teenagers, I'm making a meta-comment that is hard to refute.

It makes me super happy to see someone doing the tough legwork, instead of writing objections to meta objections of meta reviews of opioid abuse interventions, like I currently am.

thank you for making me less ignorant about opioid abuse!