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To my knowledge:

  • The CEA has two full-time developers (Sam Deere and JP Addison). JP has been at CEA since at least June 2018, and Sam has been there for many years.
  • The EA forum appears to be a copy of the LessWrong forum, with some minor cosmetic modifications (like having a 'community' section).
  • The two web development achievements mentioned in this post ('Built the timeframe feature into the All Posts page to enable easier post discovery', 'Ported and modified the Community Favorites section and added it to the homepage') are features directly ported from LessWrong.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of these.

My interpretation of these facts is that the developer team at CEA isn't very productive.

(There's also EA funds and the EA donor lotteries, but what new features have been added there in the last 12 months?)