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anonysaurus30k's Shortform

NB: I have my own little archive of EA content and I got an alert that several links popped up as dead - typically I would just add it to a task list and move on… but I was surprised to see Joe’ Rogan’s (full)  interview with Will Macaskill in 2017 was no longer available on YouTube. So I investigated and found out Rogan recently sold his entire catalog and future episodes to Spotify (for $100 million!). Currently Spotify is removing episodes from other platforms like Apple, Youtube and Vimeo. They’ve also decided to not transfer certain episodes that violate their platform’s rules on content (i.e. it’s controversial or offensive). I was a little alarmed that Will’s interview  might be on the cut-list but alas it still exists on Spotify, but you now have to make a (free) account to access it.