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Thank you for your detailed critique! I'm glad to hear firm arguments - we are two halves of progress, Speculator and Skeptic. Isn't the Constitution the means by which the Government inherits the Will of the People? Such that, though the oath is directly to the Constitution, it is ultimately to the People? The founders didn't want a direct link, due to the whims of the majority and the moment... yet, we are not slaves to our own Constitution, instead its recipient?

Hmm... I suppose we're looking at the "preferred agent" as different members: I think of the People as the privileged agents, with statesmen taking an oath to those People, which seems to be a breach of their oath of office if they intentionally misrepresent their goals in office. You favor the statesmen, even when the evidence of history is that voters are repeatedly fooled because there is no reliable account of politicians' actions?

[Also, the existence of Representative government, by the way, is the admission that each voter not be burdened with every task of verification, and this seems to be another instance of that.]

When someone offers "what if we measure, to verify their claim?" - that is what destroys democracy, by limiting the speech of active politicians. Is that correct? Because it seems that "allowing politicians to lie on campaign to voters, thereby deceiving them in their vote and making that vote a lie" seems worse than limiting candidates' extravagant claims , only.

Thank you!

 1. Keeping promises is hard, being truthful seems to be hard to them... I'm not sure why their relative difficulty makes any difference? Could you outline the steps in that argument a bit more?

 2.  If the amendment operates by criteria, rather than dictate, it's aligned with what I originally described. For example, "Make Everything Fantastic" would only be rated true if nothing declined. There are objective metrics for these things, and in those cases of ambiguity, you side on "broken promise" for safety. I don't pretend to have perfect mechanism design on my first try, either - that's why I shared a rough thought which might be developed further. I value investigating questions like "what is the repercussion of not admitting a broken promise?" Yet, the existence of such questions does not invalidate the task. It might be worth looking into. Do you see that?

 3. Again, I'm missing your arguments. You're making a claim, and then stating its consequent, without stating its necessary cause(s). What makes this intractable? Leaving-out your arguments implies that you assume you are right, which isn't the "Scout's Mindset" that I heard about...

"may politicize the courts" turned into "that would be really bad". Did you have additional critique? I have a hunch that, if I'd stood in the Second Continental Convention and said, "What if the check-and-balance the courts could wield over the Legislature and Executive included making them admit their broken campaign promises?" Ben might wink! "A Democracy, if you can keep it..." meant you'd have to take active steps to preserve the spirit, as laws become loopholes and citizens become consumers.

So, it's been a pattern among the hundreds of academics and dozens of engineers I've met - academics like to say "I have a single flaw, so your proposal is impossible/untenable." Good engineers, giving constructive criticism, say "Well, that won't work, unless you find a way to..." Do you have any constructive criticism? I'd be honored!

Apologies for forming a separate thread - I was just informed that the author posted here, as well.

Here is the link, if you are curious:

Thank you for recognizing that my concern was not addressed. I should mention, I am also not operating from an assumption of 'intrinsically against me' - it's an unusually specific reaction that I've received on this forum, in particular. So, I'm glad that you have spoken-up in favor of due consideration. My stomach knots thank you :)

Yes, I understand that funding can let me hire people to do that work - and I don't need funding to free my time. I understand that, if I delay for the sake of doing-it-alone, then I am responsible for that additional harm. It doesn't make sense for me to run a simulation or lobby by myself; and I've been in the position of hiring people, as well as working with people who are internally motivated. I hoped to find the internally motivated people, first - that's why I asked EA for connections, instead of just posting something on a job site.

When did you edit your response? You were saying something else, originally...

Yes, I can imagine the world where I respond to the misrepresentations with politeness - I did that for twenty years, and the misrepresentations continued, along with so many other forms of bullying. I have seen the world from that lens, and I learned that it's better for me to stand-up to misrepresentations, even if that means the bully doesn't like me.

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