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EA and the current funding situation

Thank you for recognizing that my concern was not addressed. I should mention, I am also not operating from an assumption of 'intrinsically against me' - it's an unusually specific reaction that I've received on this forum, in particular. So, I'm glad that you have spoken-up in favor of due consideration. My stomach knots thank you :)

EA and the current funding situation

Yes, I understand that funding can let me hire people to do that work - and I don't need funding to free my time. I understand that, if I delay for the sake of doing-it-alone, then I am responsible for that additional harm. It doesn't make sense for me to run a simulation or lobby by myself; and I've been in the position of hiring people, as well as working with people who are internally motivated. I hoped to find the internally motivated people, first - that's why I asked EA for connections, instead of just posting something on a job site.

EA and the current funding situation

When did you edit your response? You were saying something else, originally...

Yes, I can imagine the world where I respond to the misrepresentations with politeness - I did that for twenty years, and the misrepresentations continued, along with so many other forms of bullying. I have seen the world from that lens, and I learned that it's better for me to stand-up to misrepresentations, even if that means the bully doesn't like me.

EA and the current funding situation

I apologize for lumping your funding-suggestion along-side others' funding-misrepresentation. I see that you are looking for ways to make it possible, and funding is what came to mind. Thank you.

(I am still surprised that funding is continually the first topic, after I specify that the government is the best institution to finance such a project. EA would go bankrupt, if they tried to stop hurricanes...)

And, I understand if people don't consider my proposal promising - I am not demanding that they divert resources, especially funds which are best spent on highest guaranteed impact! Yet, there is a cliquishness in excluding diverse dialogue based upon "social capital/reputation" - I hope you can see that the social graph's connectivity falls apart when we cut those ties.

It's also odd that the only data-point used to evaluate me would be the slice of time immediately after I'd been prodded repeatedly. I wish I could hand you the video-tapes of my life, and let you evaluate me rightly. When I am repeatedly misrepresented, defending myself, then you don't see a representative slice of who I am.

Worst of all, no measure of my persona or character is a measure of the worth of a thought. If I am not a good fit for making it happen, then the best I can do I find someone who fits that well. The idea itself stands or falls on its own merits, and measuring me ignores that. I won't know if it's worth doing until I have a simulation, at least. I don't know how anyone else has certainty on the matter, especially from such a noisy proxy as "perceived tone via text message".

EA and the current funding situation

I agree! So, consider the scenario: I stand-up and ask "does anyone know someone I might talk to?" and the response I get is "but we don't want to give you money". I correct that misrepresentation, repeatedly, until I suspect that I am being trolled - and my self-defense is used as a reason to ignore me. If I hadn't been poked-in-the-eye repeatedly, those introductions would begin on a pleasant footing.

Core to this problem: each of you are focusing on how I can "get better results by playing nice". I am focusing on "I was misrepresented, and that should be considered first, in the moral calculus." If I roll-over every time someone bullies me, then I'll be liked by a whole lot of bullies. That doesn't sound like a win, to me.

EA and the current funding situation

I should also add this note: there is a double-standard in communication, here. I was asked repeatedly to 'calm down and speak nicely, because only then will we listen' - meanwhile, the ones who misrepresented were given a pass to lead the listener by the nose along imputations such as "because you posted a lot, no one is going to listen to you." They got that pass, easily, with the header "being brutally honest"/"honestly". Should I just begin all my posts with "just being brutally honest", so that no one uses my tone as a reason to ignore the content of what I say?

EA and the current funding situation

[Jeff deleted his response, yet it was still helpful!]

EA and the current funding situation

I was responding to Jeff - and thank you, Jeff, for clarifying that downvotes can hide me.

In my response to him, I was expressing my concern that a subset of the Forum has the power to hide my self-defense, so that my correction of their misrepresentation goes unnoticed, while their misrepresentations stand in full view.

Another EA Forum post, just recently ("Bad Omens in Current Community Building") was trying to bring to the community's attention that, among other things, EA is sometimes perceived as cultish or cliquish. I hope you can all see that, when my correction of others' misrepresentations are downvoted to obscurity, then that concern of cliquishness is real.

EA and the current funding situation

Thank you for the clarification. It's still worrisome that a subset, by downvoting, can ensure that my correction of their misrepresentation goes un-noticed, while their misrepresentation of me stands in full view. There was another post on the Forum, recently, talking about how outsiders worry that EA is a cult or a clique - I hope you can see where that concern is coming from, when my self-defense is downvoted to obscurity, while the misrepresentations stand.

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