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A lovely write up, with more knowledge of charity and how it could be promoted. Also letting others to know how important this is. How people could be convinced and see how Effective Altruism effectively could be promoted on social media using different marketing strategies. with the knowledge and details i have acquired from this blog have now been able to know how to use the heart to do charity works and also becoming a super donor also encouraging others to do the same, as well in-oder to achieve sets objectives being an emotionally oriented thinker. I would love to be a part of the emotionally oriented thinkers and i believe that promoting our activities on meet up groups,face book groups with those individuals who are emotionally oriented thinkers but really don't know how they could perform this task and duties. This is really a lovely task to be involved in would love others to see this view and make their practices am sure this would help us and others to promote Effective Altruism effectively world wide.