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I love it! Someone shoukd make a YouTube video or even a movie or some other media about it!

I do find summaries of audio, especially podcass, extremely useful!

This sounds like a great stuff for a startup idea/(effective) entrepreneur ship. But It's probably not a good idea for a cause area. Public perception would be a problem.

I highly second the "longer meditation sessions" thing since I had a similar experience.  I feel like many people are giving up on meditation too early, saying "it doesn't do much for me", without ever really having tried it.  I spent one year meditating for 20 minutes each day. It probably did make me happier, but not in a dramatic way. Then I went on a 10-day silent meditation retreat and started meditating 1+ hours a day for a while and got dramatic benefits to the point that I feel like picking up meditation is by far the most impactful thing I've ever done to improve my well-being.

Well, but of course not everyone is in a position to meditate that much.

Our microbiomes age with us and gets worse over time. You can actually predict a person's age just by looking at their microbiome.

That's why you want as young as possible donors. And that's why FMT might even be a longevity intervention. You can rejuvenate old mice with FMTs from young ones! 

I'm a (conditional) optimist. On an intuitive gut level, I can't wait for AGI and maybe even something like the singularity to happen!

I regurlarly think about this to me extremely inspiring fact that "It's totally possible, plausible, maybe even likely, that one special day in the next 10-60 years I will wake up and almost all of humanity's problems will have been solved with the help of AI".

When I sit in a busy park and watch the people around me, I think to myself: "On that special day... all the people I see here, all the people I know... if they are still alive... None of them will be seriously unhappy, none of them will have any serious worries, none will be sick in any way. They will all be free from any nighmares, and see their hopes and dreams fulfilled. They will all be flourishing in heaven on earth!"

This vision is what motivates me, inspires me, makes me extremely happy already today. This is what we are fighting for! If we play our cards right, something like this will happen. And I and so many I know will get to see it. I hope it will happen rather soon!

I'd change the title of this post to "EA for non-geniuses".

Someone around 100-120 IQ isn't dumb, but actually still above avr!

I couldn't agree more with this post! E.g. I feel like there should be an "80k for average smart people in the 100-130IQ ranche".

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