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This is amazing! Reading this made me very happy and more hopeful for the future!

Awesome stuff! I can highly second the "loving kindness meditation in front of mirror towards yourself" meditations! I had some of the most impactful meditations of my life this way!

I love it! Someone shoukd make a YouTube video or even a movie or some other media about it!

I do find summaries of audio, especially podcass, extremely useful!

This sounds like a great stuff for a startup idea/(effective) entrepreneur ship. But It's probably not a good idea for a cause area. Public perception would be a problem.

I highly second the "longer meditation sessions" thing since I had a similar experience.  I feel like many people are giving up on meditation too early, saying "it doesn't do much for me", without ever really having tried it.  I spent one year meditating for 20 minutes each day. It probably did make me happier, but not in a dramatic way. Then I went on a 10-day silent meditation retreat and started meditating 1+ hours a day for a while and got dramatic benefits to the point that I feel like picking up meditation is by far the most impactful thing I've ever done to improve my well-being.

Well, but of course not everyone is in a position to meditate that much.

Our microbiomes age with us and gets worse over time. You can actually predict a person's age just by looking at their microbiome.

That's why you want as young as possible donors. And that's why FMT might even be a longevity intervention. You can rejuvenate old mice with FMTs from young ones! 

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