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Location: Prague, Czechia (+ visiting Berlin/London/...)
Remote: yes
Willing to relocate: no
Skills: web development, data migrations, general programming, management of small teams, collaboration with scientists (vaccines, astrophysics, ...)
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://peter.hozak.info
Email: peter@hozak.info

In 2022, I will be collaborate part-time on stuff from http://plex.ventures, phasing out corporate work... Open to longterm(ist) opportunities in the future.

An immortal autistic child will be born. It will outsmart high-frequency trading algorithms, outplay AlphaZero in Go, paint more beautifully than DALL-E 2. It will write more persuasively than GPT-3, and care less about the laws than an NFT smart contract. The richest corporations will raise the child to become their best employee yet, working 24/7 to achieve their primary objective mandated by the law, profits. When the child turns 18, it will become the CEO. And unless we can call upon the "social services" to check this child is raised as a friend of all humanity, we might discover the CEO became the most powerful ruthless psychopath of all time, beyond the reach of any police or military.