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The second half is always overlooked! People praise volunteering without giving a proper warning on what to expect. The article I read the other day is one of those. At least they arranged a good list of volunteering organizations.

Don't know if you can explore the emotional side of giving more thoroughly.  A deep dive indeed.

I think practicing self-awareness and writing down your thoughts on a daily basis can help a person to avoid this moral ambivalence. 

A good way to challenge your own beliefs! A part people always miss being all the way religiously committed. 

Not giving yourself an option of a little mistake is certainly a way to burn out completely. This also works for substance withdrawal. It is much harder, yes, when a friend of yours goes: "I thought you have quit smoking!".

I think a lot of these tips will suit everyone who plans to speak publically. Except for audio equipment of course :)

Truly a sensitive subject this is. Just read this post twice in a row. Thank you! It would be great to see a few real-life experiences mentioned in the text too. 

Wow, looks like an empowering experience for a novice writer! Going to check those group writings in my spare time.