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Defense Industry

I should have narrowed down the question by excluding the AI and nuclear part which I fully agree that are non-neglected topics.  However, the rest of the industry: Aerospace (transport, fighters, satellites...), armament,  naval,  electronic war suppliers, etc...  are composed by  powerful companies that are not usually "EA targets" in the literature, I mean, not identified as relevant career paths.  This seems strange to me since this engineering sector (and even the military itself) seem to have great impact. Hence, it should be a good candidate to somehow be an "effective" sector to work in. Actually, if this sector turns out to be a relevant career path this could be a way for engineers to have a great impact. This sounds really inspiring, but on the other hand, not a lot of ideas come to my mind...  

  • Spread some key ideas/ethics between co-workers so they are better aware of corporate responsability. For instance: Do they really know to what they are contrbuting to? What is the rationale behinf the Defense industry to justify its existence and therefore their positions in the company? (This questions should of course be treated in an objective, informative, polite and respectful manner. That is, not pointing at them or suggesting moral issues with their jobs).
  • Promote the creation of Ethics Councils between different companies. For technical and non-technical topics.
  • Any other idea?

I  agree on the current existence of defense industry  basically because of same rationale you mentioned on point 2. Hence, given the fact that almost for sure we need Defense (both industry and military), should we encourage EA/RAT people to aim for strategic positions in this sectors? 

I think that even if there are no clear and concrete actions to implement in this sector (by the moment), I would tentivevely say that I prefer to have EA/RAT community performing at least some potential strategic roles in the insdustry. But of course, I don't really know which roles or how effective this could be.   

Sorry for the non-concrete apporach to the topic but I just feel like this sector could be somehow a neglected path that could be relevant and it also seems odd to me that there is no concrete literature in EA for this (maybe I have not found it or maybe because there are no good reasons for considering this sector as an effective career path). This is why this question has this brainstorming/intuition apporach. So if someone has any thought or interesting article about this, please let me know.