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Who wants to be hired? (May-September 2022)

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Yes
   Machine learning (beginner)
   Software Developement (15+ years professionally): C#, C, Python, SQL, Azure, JS/HTML/etc., Algorithms, Design, etc.
Email: artyomkarpov at gmail dot com
Notes: Interested in AI Safety, GPR, cybersecurity, earning to give. Participated in EA Intro group. Took a career couching from 80K hours. 

Learning By Writing

Thanks Holden! I found this article useful because it shows a way we can organizing learning process in our information abundant world where I frequently find myself in the self deceptive state of having some knowledge just because I read something. But I think it is important understand that knowledge is not a feeling but some recall or correct opinion we can describe to ourselves or others. I found strange though that it seems to me you contrast such a learning to just reading without writing. I think that is already a common sense that passive reading is not learning. 

Probably we can add here the details on how to make such a writing. A great guide for this is Zettelkasten system for note taking as used by Niklas Luhmann. It points out that we should have separate permanent and literature notes among other things. And it also makes the point that we should organize our reading around writing specifically for science papers or articles, use our own words, etc.

The Effective Altruism Handbook

Here is a quickly compiled PDF of this book. This is just html to pdf. I've added extra articles along with essential ones. The order should be correct as well as images.