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What if planet and society attained the same personhood that businesses enjoy?

True what you say. There's hope though most Millennials & GenZ are more about equity than older generations. We just need to enhance this belief by hacking social-interest into self-interest. 

So, my personal interest is not just a well-paying job, a nice house, car, luxuries, but also a flourishing planet and society. What's the best way of implementing this hack? Place it in our daily purchases. Every time you buy something that brand sticks in your mind. 

So what if x% of our purchases went to a neglected grassroots social/environment need, my mind will remember not just the iPhone, Shirt, travel ticket, etc but also the homeless kid i helped feed with the x% of my purchase. Then we will have more people not just empathising with planet and social ills but also taking instant daily action against the ills.

What if planet and society attained the same personhood that businesses enjoy?

I think,

If planet and society also attained the personhood that businesses enjoy, they wouldn’t depend on the generosity of self-interested businesses and philanthropy to fix their needs.

What do you think?

What posts you are planning on writing?

This is really a nice approach as am stuck and needed some help on an article/project am working on. Here it is,

I have experienced and seen from others the frustration grassroots change-makers go through before they get disoriented and let the ills in society and environment go on unabated.

I started thinking of a better model to push funds to change-makers so they concentrate more on grassroots impact and less on pulling funds.

The first approach that came to mind was reducing the 'cost of sacrifice' to zero so that millions of altruists become philanthropists giving purchase decisions where a small x% goes to a grassroots cause they care about. - and latest consumer research supports this model "91% would switch brands for one championing a cause." Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019

But before I could test it, and as thought and read further, I discovered that actually society and planet invest in value creation but a bug in the markets makes sure they get a bounced check during wealth sharing. And that we can use technology, AI and others to rally consumers to reclaim planet and society's wealth shares. Then the socially interested AI can fund change at a thrilling scale.

The article am drafting argues ;

Wealth cannot be created without investment from planet, society, government and businesses yet planet and society hardly get to share the wealth. The PlaSo Diversion bypasses social middlemen (philanthropy & development aid) to ensure 'planet and society' get their just share from the wealth creation process right at the counter.


GOVERNMENTS: provide physical, economic, political, and legal infrastructure.

BUSINESSES: spot, innovate, and invest time/money into a need for a product/service.

PLANET: every consumer product/service has to use some component of earth.

SOCIETY: From a goldmine of knowledge generated over 5,000 years of global-cooperation, cultural civilizations, to markets, etc. without the global-society, businesses would have to start from a prohibitively costly vacuum.


At this point a bug in the markets makes buyers/sellers believe that the only creator of the product/service is the business. It’s so established that even the staunchest inequality activists continue to consume billionaire owned products/services even as they shower slur at them.


Businesses and governments receive their shares and keep planet/society’s shares. And when they need it less, they create philanthropic foundations and aid agencies to distribute remains to planet and society.

That we give businesses wealth incentives to innovate, governments wealth incentive to govern, and deny society wealth incentives to cooperate and planet wealth incentives to sustain us is the mother of all injustices in the world. The current monetization system delivers full ownership and control of wealth to self-interested businesses and governments.

To solve this, we can create decentralised autonomous AI agents running on blockchain, whose self-interest is social-interest to divert planet/society’s shares at the point of monetization (PlaSo-Diversion). The AI agents distribute the wealth to the most urgent, neglected and solvable social/environmental problems. If we can make this the norm, we won’t need philanthropy and aid.

"Philanthropy is commendable, but it should not allow the philanthropists to overlook the very injustice which makes philanthropy necessary." Martin Luther