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Thanks for the tip. I find it rather difficult to use google calendar, but I will try to learn to use it.

It is like traveling, and I don’t see anything that should stop me from that. Effective altruism does not mean you are not allowed to do things that please you. Also, you can do much good to people while traveling and build many new effective relationships.
I am a newbie here, and I still don’t know a lot, but I think that effective altruism is more like a philosophical movement that sets your minds in a certain condition when you start to think more about others and not teaching that prohibits you from having pleasure like puritanism. I like to travel with my ESA registered through https://www.esaregistration.org/esa-letter/, and I see no bad thing here. OFC has an environmental track, but if you live your regular life, there is also a huge track.

Many businessmen use this trick to avoid paying a part of their tax. It is a nice trick, especially now, when the prices are skyrocketing and new taxes are being imposed. 
All my financial papers have always been as clear as possible, and I even use online tools to make each check stub I give to my workers clean and understandable. It also helps me keep track of all my income, taxes that I have to pay, and the overtime pay that I have to pay to my employees. This is an important document because it a proof of income, and my employees can use it to take a loan from a bank. 

Is it still relevant to invest in housing? The real estate market does not look so good anymore. It looks like it will be in a severe crisis in the following years, and we have to make some decisions that would fit the time. 
I am not a professional in this area, and I am looking for good advice now from a lawyer or a real estate professional. I do some reading on websites like timthomas.co that suggest I take a closer look at my local real estate market and by its state judge about the other places. More and more people say that this fall will be really difficult for this market, and no one knows what will happen.