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This could be much reduced with a parent working from home 

I think the pandemic has shown this isn't the case. As an example in my company everyone has been WFH since March 2020 and my colleagues who are parents have been working evenings and nights, and were the first to get furloughed (at their request) so they can take care of their small children.

Why I prioritize moral circle expansion over artificial intelligence alignment

Random thought: (factory farm) animal welfare issues will likely eventually be solved by cultured (lab grown) meat when it becomes cheaper than growing actual animals. This may take a few decades, but social change might take even longer. The article even suggests technical issues may be easier to solve, so why not focus more on that (rather than on MCE)?

Mental Health Shallow Review

Could you provide any links to clinical trials that show coherence therapy to be effective compared to other therapies?

Why & How to Make Progress on Diversity & Inclusion in EA

'I will try to notice, feel bad/ disapproving, and do something about an EA meeting with over 80% white, male, tech, etc.'

This will only work if you get the 80% to have a preference for more diversity first (as explained in the Parable of the Polygons), otherwise it will be ineffective even if you are pushing for more diversity from the top.

Why & How to Make Progress on Diversity & Inclusion in EA

Is there any personality research on this?

Doesn't personality psychology use the BIg Five instead of Myers Briggs? AFAIK there isn't enough research to determine the validity and usefulness of the 'thinking' / 'feeling' categories (and Myers Briggs in general).

Introducing Canada’s first political advocacy group on AI Safety and Technological Unemployment

I'm a Canadian currently studying public policy in London. I'm planning to write my dissertation on AI policy and gender, so naturally I'm fascinated by your organization.

Out of curiosity, what is the connection between AI policy and gender you're looking at?

Why & How to Make Progress on Diversity & Inclusion in EA

But by letting everyone know about the problem, they've also made it in to a bigger problem: now every woman who reads this post knows that someone, at one point in an EA-related discussion somewhere, made this outrageous claim--which results in those women feeling less welcome and more on edge. The toxic echo of this person's post continues to reverberate as it is held up as part of a broader trend within EA, even though their post itself was long ago deleted.

This can get very dangerous as it opens a door for trolls to negatively impact the community and potentially damage its reputation. Maybe these kinds of discussions need to be gated in some way, or be had offline or something.

Why & How to Make Progress on Diversity & Inclusion in EA

I'd like to point out that the main post is written in a somewhat "culture war"-y style, which is why it has attracted so many comments/criticisms (and within 3 days it already has more comments than any other thread one these forums, ever, as far as I can tell). Here's a somewhat similar thread that makes some good suggestions about diversity without getting too much into politics: (also take a look at the top comment).

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