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Got it! Yes - it's on my roadmap for what I'm building to create more accessible content surrounding my ideas and at different reading comprehension levels (similar to what I suggested in Section 5.8.1) :). 

I literally wrote this entire thing in 20 days so I was cramming it all out. The revisions will come soon and I will share the polished models / website / workshops / etc that's shareable across communities - not just the EA one. My north star is making community building education accessible and implementable, this submission was just an exercise for me to test it out.

The reason why I think the discourse is generic is that every single EA community problem addressed boils down to how faulty the community was originally built. As listed in Section 5.1, the organization is based off of the EA models provided to community builders and I describe at length why their models should be debunked and further give instruction in how to mediate and change this. I provided the tools, action items, and education necessary to level up and the community discourse is cyclical and circular. They will keep running into the same problems until they change what I've listed in the essays.

I had considered making a list and referencing the top 50 community building/discourse posts and allocating them in each appropriate part of my submission to show how they need and can be resolved by my suggestions, but I ran out of time. I could of course comment on every single post and reference which part of my submission where this is covered but alas - until it is wanted - the point is moot.

Hello Sphor, thanks for your comment! I intentionally made this a long-form post. I had already had around 10-15 more pages that I had cut out. If I had made it just a 10-20 minute read, it would have been just as generic, non-technical, and non-actionable as the rest of the "community improvement" discourse that surrounds EA. It pops up everyday on this forum, and these generic points can all be referenced as a point I've tackled in this series of essays.

As for intended audience, I think that is addressed in Section 5.9 . I think each community person within EA should read this and take a step back to see if they've realized what they've built and how they're willing to contribute moving forward. The most impactful read would be someone within CEA that wants to take actions in what I've written. If not, I do believe many of my predictions and impending issues they will face will come true.

The only sections that are not EA specific are Sections 1-3. They will be expanded as community education that I'm developing and is what I'm taking with me from this contest. If EA wants to fix these things, they are more than welcome to, but it is not my job or duty. :) 

Hi Peter, thanks for your comment! The purpose of this manifesto is that EA's core team needs to do the work to fix the community. The community can't do it themselves. And, the community needs to recognize its shortcoming and how to work together to mediate these issues.....if they even believe these are issues. If I had won the contest, maybe I would be inclined to further elaborate and prioritize, but I didn't, and unless I'm hired as a community consultant, I won't be doing such unpaid labor. :) 

Ideally my proposals should be combined and tested to see which ones work best. Many of my proposals don't really exist or have any long-term foresight as to facing upcoming challenges that I've addressed. If I were to add anything to this I would have made a point that there is an inaccurate centralization, and the centralization needs to be recalibrated.

Hi Seth, thanks for your comment! I ran out of time while I was writing and didn't properly context switch for Sections 1-3. This was more in a vague societal sense and not through the EA lens. I am writing a book and Sections 1-3 were taken from that. Great feedback though that I should narrow the context. 

Hope you have more feedback!