Ava Easley

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Taking a gap year before majoring in business and economics in college. I currently having an internship with the CO Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign doing fieldwork, but I'm looking for another internship starting in December. I'm currently trying to explore as many EA jobs as possible, and want to learn as much as I can! 

How others can help me

Looking for an internship! A goal of mine is to also help create EA content for older teens, because I find a lot of content now is geared towards recent college grads or older. 


Hello! I'm Ava Easley and I'm a current gap year student looking for an internship. I plan on majoring in business and economics while in college, but I'm also interested in exploring other fields!

Location: Denver

Remote: Preferred

Willing to relocate: Maybe


Cold Calling and Sales

  • Most of my current internship is volunteer recruitment, I do not have any qualms with being in situations where an ask is probably a no

Event Organization and Management

  • Experience training and organizing volunteers

Research and Search

  • I currently do research/writeups on a variety of different political areas, from general trends in a house rep district to finding the most effective contacts for organizing in rural counties

Résumé: Ava-Easley-Resume 


Available from and until: December 2022 to July 2023


  • I have completed college level coursework in statistics, economics, american government, biology, english, and history. I am currently studying calculus.