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Thank you for your article. I am writing just now 5Th april, at 3.10 p.m. from Florence, Italy.

Today, Sunday, is a sunny day, but we cannot go out, and I'm following this interesting lesson.

Every day we have to face with our new life, in which the virus seems to give the rules.

So, as you say in the article, I believe the most important sentence is: "An ethical approach to life does not forbid having fun or enjoying food and wine; but it changes our sense of priorities. "

We all, now, we are rethinking our priorities, and I believe people is making an effort to live more ethical relationship and to define the basically needs; now all we pay more attention to our older neighbour. The main priority now is not to be happy, but to give assistance and to help people first here in our hospitals, town, village, country, nation, and than in the continent and all the world.

We are not heroes, we are frail people, but our fragility give us the strength to continue our everyday life and job and we discovered that we have Effective Altruism already inside us. Maybe we never used it before, and we were looking where and how to use it. But now is coming out powerfully and naturally. Now the lives we can save are here, at home. How can we gather tese two needs? Have we to stop thinking to people, or to children drowing in other rivers?

Sorry, my english is not so well as I would like.