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Shouldn't this post be called "More to explore on 'Smarter than us'" to be consistent with the chapter's title?

Footnote one is missing the link to the Charity Navigators report:

EA handbook translator here. Given that Toby Ord's "The Moral Imperative toward Cost-Effectiveness in Global Health" is already part of chapter 2, "Differences in impact," I don't think it makes sense to also include it in this page. 

Sounds like very interesting work! As a Frenchman, it's encouraging to see this uptake in another "latin" European country. I think this analytic/critical thinking culture is also underdeveloped in France. I'm curious: in your project, do you make connections to the  long tradition of (mostly Continental?) philosophical work in Italy? Have you encountered any resistance to the typically anglo-saxon "vibe" of these ideas? In France, it's not uncommon to dismiss some intellectual/political ideas (e.g., intersectionality) as "imported from America" and therefore irrelevant.

Great set of questions! 

I'm personally very interested in the question about educational interventions.