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Data analyst at a consulting firm, previously ran an EA university group.

How others can help me

Suggestions on analyst-type skills to develop that would be useful to EA orgs, and which orgs they would be useful to. Advice on setting up an EA co-working space in Sydney.

How I can help others

Feedback or your ideas!


The forum seems as good a place as any?

I think Jason's point is more that CEA's statement isn't really an attempt to 'communicate with the EA community', so your criticisms don't apply in this case. E.g. this statement could be something for EAs to link to when talking about it with people looking in, who are trying to make an informed judgement (i.e. busy, neutral people lacking information, not committed critics).

My understanding is the retreats will be mostly for academics working in the relevant fields, not the EA community, so I’m not sure this applies.

I think that sort of long writeup can help signal thoughtfulness even if people aren’t actually going to read through it

I haven’t really spent time with the community there, so I’m curious about the individualist & materialist point. Could you expand on that a bit more?

Not in my experience. In the past couple of days, a former housemate of a couple of months, who is now a journalist, reached out to a mutual friend asking to be put in touch with any EA people she knew, as she’s writing a piece on the impact of the FTX stuff on EA (AFAIK she knows very little about EA).

I have nothing to do with the current events, but IMO journalists will definitely mine their social networks to get content from anyone even tangentially related to the events, if that’s the closest they can get.

It seems like they weren't friends,  only professional acquaintances up until 5 years ago, and then more recently journalist-subject. So it's a bit disingenuous to say he was 'talking with a friend' as though they had anything resembling a DMing relationship within the past 5 years. 

There’s also a 3rd option - we should have been updating based on what was already talked about re SBF before the implosion (his pathological behaviour, his public statements essentially agreeing he’s running a Ponzi scheme, and people warning other people about these). So the implosion makes us realise that, in a world where FTX didn’t implode we still should have disassociated from SBF very early on, and be doing some soul searching about why UK EA leaders were [/are, in this hypothetical world] choosing to hype up someone with a track record of being so terrible

Yeah agreed re true but somewhat misleading

My (very weak) understanding is that both were true - he lived in a very expensive place in the Bahamas, where he had at least several housemates, and he usually slept on a couch, bean bag etc rather than a bed.

I guess similar to Warren Buffett - people always tout that he drives a crappy old car, which appears to be true, but, like, he also has a private jet!

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