Bentley Davis

Web Developer @ Reason Score
Working (15+ years of experience)


I enjoy:

  • enabling more satisfaction for more people though technology
  • helping you think visually to work brilliantly at Refractive Strategy
  • solving big problems with small experiments and use code when necessary
  • creating interactive websites, mobile apps

I have been creating software for over 30 years, managing teams for over 20 years, and mentoring startups for over 5 years. I was chief technology officer of a successful startup exit. Now I'm semi-retired and working on improving societal scale decision making.

How I can help others

Reasoning, Fact Checking, Startups, Web and App development


Harrison, I 've been working on something similar for over a decade and I was just thinking a term like "Epistemic Map" might express it well so I searched who else is using it and ran into your articles. I am currently hiring internet researchers to produce maps for contentious issues like "Does Concealed Carry reduce crime?" and build up a resource of examples to test out different visualizations and data models.  Here is my latest description in draft form. Here are some examples  Fictional City Decision , vaccine.

I also work with others with similar goals at the Canonical Debate Lab (CDL) which you might find interesting. We have categorized over 100 different attempts at epistemic tools although it is somewhat out of date. 

My data model is pretty different but we seem to  have similar goals. Other in CDL might align close to what you are looking for. We would love to collaborate in any way you find interesting.

Bentley Davis