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    Regarding AI lab coordination, it seems like the governance teams of major labs are a lot better placed to help with this, since they will have an easier time getting buy in from their own lab as well as being listened to by other labs. Also, the frontier models forum seems to be aiming at exactly this. 

    Thanks for writing this! If I don't want to sign-up to the finders course, are there any resources you would recommend for doing the one-hour lovingkindness sessions?

    If taking your lawyer's advice, in this case, means being silent for 5-7 years, it seems like some people should speak openly and bear the costs.

    Habryka, feel free to answer my question on this short form, so that GoodEAGoneBad's  heart doesn't have to suffer any further.

    Post for people to have a go at one another. (Context)

    I'd be interested to hear what you think is going wrong with Paul's writing style, if you want to share.

    Hm, yeah I guess my intuition is the opposite. To me, one of the central parts of effective altruism is that it's impartial, meaning we shouldn't put some people's welfare over other's. 

    I think in this case it's particularly important to be impartial, because EA is a group of people that benefitted a lot from FTX, so it seems wrong for us to try to transfer the harms it is now causing onto other people.  

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