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This could be a cool opportunity for people who are interested in animal welfare.

Join the 2021 UChicago RISC Social Innovation Challenge

The Center for RISC at the University of Chicago is seeking the best implementable ideas to improve animal welfare. In addition to winning first place in the 2021 UChicago RISC Social Innovation Challenge, the team with the best idea gets to grab a beer (or coffee, or cucumber water, or whatever) with Freakonomics coauthor and RISC Faculty Director Steve Levitt over Zoom.

Most importantly, at RISC, it is our job to use the best ideas to make real world change. If we’re excited by your idea and think we can help, our highly-skilled team will work with you to make it a reality.

We know everybody loves a good challenge, so we are limiting submissions to only one page! How compelling can you make a concise case for your idea?

Submit your idea soon! The deadline is 11:59p CT on January 31st.

Winner(s) will be announced February 16th.

You can learn more at this link.




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I'm not sure if this would be advocating cheating or just using the research that's already out there, but people should check out Charity Entrepreneurship's and Rethink Priorities' research on different new proposals.

Also check out ACE's and Founders Pledge's research on existing work, as well as what's getting funded by the CEA Animal Welfare Fund, Open Philanthropy Project and ACE Movement Grants.

I wonder, is it worth cooperating with each other to ensure a decent number of the most promising 'EA approved' ideas get submitted? 

It isn't really clear if a single person/team is allowed to submit more than one idea. If not, then cooperation could be particularly useful.

Hi Jack, I think that's a pretty good idea. I was intending to submit an idea around fish welfare. Is there anyone else you know of who will submit an idea? You can also reach out via email (kirsch.jenniferjustine@gmail.com).

Hey Jennifer, that’s great, fish welfare is very neglected so it might be quite interesting to them. 

I don’t know of others planning to submit and to be honest I wasn’t planning to submit one myself. I’m not really very deep into EAA research myself. One idea could be to  set up a google sheet to collect submission ideas, including submitted wording and who is submitting the idea. This could prevent duplications of submissions. I’m unsure if it would definitely be worth the effort, but it could be.

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