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On Morvec's paradox, chess and Go are quite different from math and physics. Chess and Go are both finite games (a finite number of pieces, on a finite board, with a finite number of open moves at every point in a games) with a small geometrically simple footprint. That is not true for either math or physics. Both are radically open-ended and unbounded, though math has no physical footprint at al

To some extent I think a comparison between Pet Sounds and A Love Supreme is apples and  qumquats. 


But still...I suspect that someone who is capable of listening to and understanding A Love Supreme, whether or not they like it, is also capable to listening to and understanding Pet Sounds, whether or not they like it. But I don't think the converse is necessarily true. That is, having the ability to listen to and understand Pet Sounds does not imply that one can also understand A Love Supreme or, for that matter, a Beethoven piano sonata.

I vote for innovation as mining. I've visualized an abstract version of that starting on p. 14 ("Stagnation, Redux: Like diamonds, good ideas are not evenly distributed") of this working paper, What economic growth and statistical semantics tell us about the structure of the world, piggy-backing on Romer's 1992, Two Strategies for Economic Development.