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German-speaking EA community

NEAD (Netzwerk für Effektiven Altruismus Deutschland) is the umbrella association for EAs in Germany. We, the organizers, are looking forward to meeting new potential members and get to know EAs from all parts of Germany. We propose a German-speaking EA community meet-up during the unconference.

NEAD is an association that was founded in October 2019. You can read up on our initial objectives in this forum post. Right now we are looking for interested people within the community to become members of NEAD and get involved in our projects.

We want to present what NEAD is doing and how you can be and become a part of our network.

We also want to give you room to exchange your experiences with the virtual conference. Lastly, we want to learn from you what you expect and want from a national-level EA network in Germany :)

We would prefer one of the early time-slots.