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I am a young college grad from the U.S. with a background in working with children and in domestic violence/mental health fields. As a result of my own personal experiences and traumas, I am compelled to go into public interest law or social work.

My strengths are working with children or adults one-on-one. I feel guilty and concerned about this; I worry my skills are not conducive to truly helping the greater good. Further, if I become a public interest attorney or a social worker, how much impact is that truly going to have? At this point, I am pretty sure I want to go to law school and eventually work in child welfare/human rights policy. This would translate to a focus on improving institutional decision making and increasing resilience among various populations. I just don't know how to evaluate  career paths in a way that is realistic, not perfectionist, and conducive to my personal skills yet open to future growth and learning. I've read the 80000 Hours website so many times I can't count but still seem a bit lost. Any suggestions for a young person ready to set out on a career path?