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@david_reinstein It's on our roadmap. But because of the lack of funding, I can't say when we can make it happen.

Answer by BlankaSep 05, 20222

Confido Institute (group decision-making institute) is currently searching someone for a Hybrid role: UX Designer and Forecasting educator. If you know such a person or you think you could be a good fit, please get in touch! 

Our ideal candidate will have some background and/or strong interest in the following areas:

  • UX design / product design (professional experience with designing web/mobile applications; ability to get to know the target users better and empathize with their needs, conduct user research and use the results effectively; care about the clarity of texts (in English and ideally also in Czech) and A/B and other types of testings and metrics collections )
  • Education, especially in STEM subject (this includes informal education such as making explanatory blogposts or videos or even tutoring your friends), an active interest in explaining things, making difficult concepts easy to understand. Understanding that teaching any given subject is not a trivial matter; desire to continually develop pedagogical content knowledge.
  • Basic conceptual understanding of, experience/familiarity with or a general interest in at least some of the following areas:
    • basics of probability and its relation to expressing uncertainty or strength of belief (e.g. what is expected value, probability distribution, …)
    • epistemics, rationality in general, rationality training / improvement, group rationality, improving group / institutional decision-making
    • judgemental forecasting, Philip Tetlock’s Superforecasting


More information here: https://confido.tools/jobs/hybrid-role-ux-designer-forecasting-educator/