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Hey, thanks so much for your comment! I also think most people would agree that additional spaces could be useful, so I want to clarify that the conference would not be centered around answering that specific question. 

Rather, the conference would focus on how to make those spaces as effective as possible by thinking through high-level strategy, identifying opportunities for collaboration, and sharing best practices + documenting them for posterity, etc.

I think that it's incorrect to assume that opening a new space will always lead to a positive outcome. In fact, I think that a poorly-launched space could actually be a net negative if it were to fail to attract a sufficient or well-aligned user base, decrease trust in EA projects due to poor management, or simply fall short of fulfilling its full potential -- to name a few problems this conference would seek to address. 

I hope that helps explain why I believe this conference would be beneficial! Please feel free to share any additional thoughts you might have.

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Has anyone produced writing on being pro-choice and placing a high value on future lives at the same time? I’d love to read about how these perspectives interact!