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I code, I make business plans and soon I will sell. @ I am launching a startup
Working (0-5 years experience)



How others can help me

generally speaking I would like to find guidance into how to plan my career in a EA way.
I guess that there are two areas that could be good fits for me:
1) AI risks mitigation
2) helping setup university groups
I would like to have more guidance on how I could contribute to those areas.

I think that I could best help the ai cause by bringing more people to work on this area.
I have a master degree in ai and 2,5 years experience as a high school teacher.
I think that those two experiences could help me to inform ai students about the importance of the ai cause area.
I could do it through presentations or by creating university groups with a special focus on ai safety.

How I can help others

I am still very new to the ea community so I do not know yet.


Thank you for this very useful post, it really helped me better understand the topic :)