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Try something new this year

This year I am taking a new direction with my donations by giving to Stichting Effectief Doneren (English: Effective Giving Foundation). I may be preaching to the choir here, but regardless - I am very excited about what we are doing in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are looking for financial support - maybe you would like to help us?
At the present moment, we are 100% financially dependent on the EA Infrastructure Fund. One thing the SBF debacle has taught me is that diversification of funding sources can mitigate risk. We can make good use of the money to build a continuity reserve fund. Our current funding is guaranteed until April 2023.

The purpose of Doneer Effectief

We want to make it as easy as possible to donate or leave an inheritance to the most effective charities worldwide.

Retrospective 2022

  • February: Establishment of Stichting Effectief Doneren (Effective Giving Foundation)
  • April: Received ANBI status (Public Benefit Organisation), podcast series Effectief Doneren
  • August: Appointment of our full-time director (me), external newsletter completed
  • September: Several articles in Dutch media (in collaboration with The Dutch 10% Club)
  • October: Launch of our new website (NL / EN) with donation platform for the Netherlands and Belgium 
  • November: 300 donations, €60k in less than 2 months, 20 gift agreements signed, 7 contracts to leave an inheritance, 600 followers, 300 newsletter subscriptions, 5.000 unique website visitors per month, 10 volunteers, 5 ambassadors

Outlook 2023

  • Expand our website with a user portal and donation dashboard
  • Grow the giving community in collaboration with The Dutch 10% Club to 800 members (currently 100)
  • Increase national media attention (carefully)
  • Set up processes/workflows/educational resources for major donors
  • Begin cooperation with the salary-gifting organisation The Social Handshake
  • Receive CBF Hallmark
  • Receive recommendations from GWWC and Founders Pledge
 Donation Forecast Required Budget Multiplier
20220,1mio (started Oct 1st)60kn/a


What you could do...

It would be fantastic if you'd like to support us! Don't hesitate to contact me at or give directly via our platform to our 'start-up' foundation. Thank you for your attention.

Thanks Jack for the structured way of sharing your thoughts on this matter. I'm pretty new in the EA community (<1y) so it helps me get a better understanding on what's going on.

As a managing director of a local giving org (Doneer Effectief) I fully agree with your thoughts, espacially aiming greater funding diversity. I try to do so, but as you mentioned, we're very dependent of the EA Infrastructure Fund right now. I'm very open to suggestions to diversify.