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So this isn't a full answer to your question, but one thing you should factor in when making your decision is how much time/energy do you have? Stocks and bonds are pretty great for that because they're passive income earners. If you already have a full-time job, then renovating property might be a huge time sink unless you're willing to shell out the cash for hiring someone to do it. Some of this also depends on what skills you have. If you're a programmer, doing some side projects/contract work might make you some decent cash. If you can turn a hobby that you would already do anyways into a profitable venture, that can save you on the time/energy cost.

I think this might be underestimating how much it costs to implement a new bill. You cite 200k USD, but I don't think that includes the chance that it fails to pass or fails to get a legislator to sponsor it. I think it would be useful to try different numbers for that.

I forgot to include this in the Google forum I filled, so I wanted to come back and comment on this. Are you going to help EAs with student loan debt on their payments? I know that many people, including myself, have a few hundred dollars a month that we have to pay, and being without income for a long period of time could make this a non-option for them. Alternatives like deferments could potentially be used, but it's an area that should be explored at least.

Thank you for your reply Holden! I submitted my application yesterday after hearing you all were talent constrained, so I hope to hear from you all sometime soon. What does the training process look like for people who are hired on as research analysts?

What's daily work and office culture look like in the OPP? Do you all host group activities, happy hours, or anything like that outside of working hours?

How do you enjoy living in/near and working San Francisco? How's the commute, the expensive housing, and all that affected your lives?

Hi there! Thank you for doing this. Is there a place for people who have just or recently finished their undergrad to help in your AI governance and policy position?

What kind of systematic research would be good for AI strategy?