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I am a Full Stack Web Developer, who loves learning; especially when solving challenges as part of making unique applications for Internet users throughout the global Web. I began my journey in technology with WordPress, Web Analytics, digital advertising, community management and streaming media. More recently I’ve been working with Python, JavaScript, MySQL, Git, PHP and RESTful APIs among other technologies. Eventually I’d like to work as a Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer.


This is pretty cool. Thank you for sharing the Radio Bostrom link.

Those Hello Fresh meal boxes look excellent. I've been tempted to have my groceries delivered to me directly as well. There are people in my life who do just that and really enjoy the service.

In terms of what I've purchased in 2020 that I recommend others do as well, that would have to be a reliable home computer. Maybe that sounds too basic or commonplace, but having access to a quality PC is important these days. And I didn't understand that (as clearly as I do now) until I went a prolonged period without one.

Thankfully modern computers are generally well-built and a bit more powerful than at any other time prior. So I got amazing value for my dollar.