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Sam Altman has written up some of his related views: Moore's Law for Everything

He is also involved in Worldcoin, which aims to bootstrap a global currency by giving a share to every person.

Mark Xu wrote a summary of a CSET report on the semiconductor supply chain. The US and allies control key technologies, for example "The Netherlands has a monopoly on extreme ultraviolet (EUV) scanners, equipment needed to make the most advanced chips." China is trying to replicate the full supply chain domestically, but until they succeed they would have trouble keeping TSMC at the leading edge.

For what it's worth Sean Carroll thinks the weights are needed

But if you want to be a sensible non-crazy utilitarian in many worlds, you have to count utility as being proportional to the thickness or the weight of the individual worlds. You can’t just double the utility when you branch the wave function of the universe.