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I begin with splitting my donations between cause areas: currently, 60% to longtermism and 40% to animal welfare. And then I decide which funds/orgs to give to from there.

This month, that is:

30% Long-term future fund

30% Longtermism Fund (Longview Philanthropy)

30% Animal Welfare Fund

5% Faunalytics

5% Good Food Institute

I'm becoming more comfortable with 'diversifying' my donations; 2 months ago I was just giving to the Long-term Future Fund and the Animal Welfare Fund.

For me, I think a big reason I'm starting to diversify is that while I trust that the folks at all these orgs know how to spend money more effectively than I do, it perhaps makes sense to trust multiple teams of experts in case there's a more general failure at one of them. Hope that makes sense.

Good post; a lot of the benefits you list are speculative but seem plausible to me.

I also have experience in BP debating (though I've only attended a handful of competitions), and while I can't speak for other debating formats, in BP there is very little scope for awarding people points on the basis of their rhetorical style or how confidently they speak; in theory, debates are judged on the strength of arguments presented. (I know this is a point you were getting at in your post, but I think it's worth stating it explicitly.) In practice, of course, judges have various biases, but then I'm not sure the situation would be much different with the judges of anti-debates.