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This kind of moderation will have a chilling effect on people's willingness to express appropriate emotions at a difficult time. 

That seems fine? The chilling effect is something Mill identified as being a problem when it prevents good ideas from being shared.

This is really sad and frustrating to see, that a community which prides itself in rigorous and independent thinking has taken to reciting by the same platitudes that every left wing organization does. We're supposed to hold ourselves to higher standards than this. 

Posts like this makes me much less being interested in being a part of EA.

lol when people use this burner account, it's usually closer to "this argument could get a bit annoying" than "I feel the need to protect my anonymity for fear of retribution." please don't speak for all burners

I disagree with this. For one, OpenPhil has a higher bar now. There's a lot of work that needs to be done. ASB and others might already think this was a very bad grant. There's a cost to dwelling on these things, especially as EA Forums drama rather than a high quality post mortem.  

it's not anywhere in any canonical EA materials

This seems a bit obtuse. In any local EA community I've been a part of, poly plays a big part in the culture. 

Plenty of EAs are criticizing it in this very thread.

This is sort of true, but most of them are receiving a lot of downvotes. And this is the first time I've seen a proper discussion about it. 

 I don't have a particular agenda about "what should happen" here. I've said we should scrutinize the ways that polyamorous norms could be abused in high trust communities. I'm not sure what the outcome would be, but I would certainly hope it's not intolerance of poly communities. 

I would readily agree that some - perhaps most - of these problems could also be solved by ensuring EA spaces are purely professional, but it does seem a bit obtuse to not understand that someone could feel more uncomfortable when asked to join a polycule at an EA meet up than simply being asked on a date. 

I think an ideal outcome would to reduce the association between EA and poly - such that poly is not a major cultural touchstone within EA - while keeping EA a welcoming and respectful place for poly people. 

I certainly don't think it's conclusive, or even strong evidence. As I said, I think it's one thing among many that should inform our priors  here. There's also a different vein of anthropological research that looks at non-monogamy and abuse in cults and other religious contexts, but I'm less familiar with it. 

The alternative - accepting norms of sexual minorities without scrutiny - seems perfectly reasonable in many cases, but because of those reasons I don't think it should be abided by here, especially in light of these women's accounts. 

I emphasize there shouldn't be any hostility or intolerance to polyamorous people, just the way polyamorous norms might create the potential for abuse in EA spaces (or generally in high trust, insular environments). 

if you are saying "we shouldn't tolerate this in the community", that just is intolerant. 

Ok, fortunately that is not what I am saying. 

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