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True, but fraudulent conveyance claims plausibly extend further than 90 days. As Molly says in the same article, "It is way too early to tell whether and how fraudulent conveyance claims might be used in the FTX bankruptcy proceeding..."

Hi! Just a few questions:

I remember hearing that Emerson/Nonlinear invested quite a lot into crypto - presumably with the current markets, his/Nonlinear's portfolio must've taken a hit? 

Secondly,  Nonlinear received a Future Fund grant:

Are you potentially concerned about clawbacks to the money you hand out, especially if you're dispersing small amounts to several people who could then be affected?

Also, will additional funders top you up, or will the money go directly to the people affected? 

If funders top you up, would that potentially commingle FTX money with non-FTX funders' money?