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One for the World is hiring an Executive Director to lead the development and execution of One for the World’s strategy and be responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the organization.

Salary: US$110k-$150k per annum, plus a 0-20% performance-related bonus each year. Pay will be location-adjusted by up to 15% if you live outside the US - let us know if you want to understand your location-based pay in advance of applying.

Location: Strong preference for someone based in the mainland US, ideally on the Northeast/Acela corridor. We will consider strong applications for remote work but would expect commensurate ability to travel and accommodate synchronous meetings across US time zones. Accordingly, we anticipate appointing someone in the US.

Apply here: Application Form and Pack, apply by March 18th to be considered in the first round.  

About the role: We are excited to find an ambitious leader, with a track record of high-level execution, who will bring a clear vision and strategic plan for expanding One for the World's influence and quickly multiplying money moved to our nonprofit Partners.

You should apply if you can galvanize our team, manage and deepen our relationship with our donors, effectively fundraise in corporate environments, and have a strong personal commitment to addressing global poverty. It would be advantageous if you were an exceptional public speaker.

About One for the World: We envision a world where everyone fully embraces their opportunity to give effectively. Our work is to build a movement of people revolutionizing charitable giving to end extreme poverty through education, training, and community building. You can learn more about One for the World on our website here.

More about this position: If you are looking for a role with immense potential impact, this is an opportunity to lead a fast-growing organization, raising money for the world’s most cost-effective nonprofit organizations.

One for the World members have, to date, donated $6 million to our nonprofit partners, preventing nearly 1,000 deaths. We have created communities of donors in workplaces and college campuses across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

If you have any questions about the role or would like to recommend a candidate, please reach out to jobs@1fortheworld.org.