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[U.S. specific] PPP: free money for self-employed & orgs (time-sensitive)

I did a bit of research here. As with above, you should confirm this on your own, but it looks like, to qualify for a second PPP loan, you must show a 25% reduction in  revenue from 2019 to 2020, for either any quarter, or the entire year. 

I was having trouble figuring out whether to count the quarterly difference based on hours worked/invoiced or check/deposit dates. It looks like it depends on the method of accounting you use. Most sole proprietors probably use the Cash method (check which box you checked on your schedule C) and that would mean you use check/deposit dates. More guidance may be released to specify which method of accounting you can use, or if you can choose whichever one you prefer. 

I also read that, if you didn't get a loan in the first round, you should be able get one now without showing the reduction in revenue. 

Guerrilla Foundation Response to EA Forum Discussion

Thanks. Hmm, if I’m not mistaken, this was a repost of their final comment in that thread from 2 weeks ago.

I would have liked to see a lot more inline responses/discussion, rather than such a long reply to all comments.

Guerrilla Foundation Response to EA Forum Discussion

I appreciated your thoughtful critique of EA. I read your original article and this post, but I have not read any responses other than the comment below by EdoArad. I apologize if there is any overlap here.

I understand that you think it’s important for wealthy donors to “engage in direct reparations where possible, or at least commit to contribute a significant amount to prevent further harm in the specific sector where wealth was generated.”

If they can do more good spending their scarce resources in other ways, why wouldn’t you want them to do that?

I can understand that there is a feeling of justice being accomplished if that happens. Is there reason beyond that?

What if a donor can save the equivalent of 1000 lives buying bednets, while only the equivalent of 100 lives by making some kind of reparations? Would you still advocate that they make the reparations? If so, how would you justify those 900 deaths?

Credit Cards for EA Giving

Thanks for this. I have been meaning to get the Double Dash, but did not know about the Alliant. I'll have to review my spending patterns but that may be the better option.

FaceBook's Giving Tuesday (tomorrow!) is an example of a donation match that requires paying online.

Credit Cards for EA Giving

Actually I just re-read it and saw the $1500 limit which, unfortunately, takes it out of the running for me. Been meaning to sign up for the Double Dash for a while. Does anyone know if that 2% cash back applies to Facebook Fundraisers or if any of the others do or are a better option in that respect? I will likely try to do $10-15k this year, so limits are a deal-breaker, unless they are pretty high.

Credit Cards for EA Giving

Chase Freedom seems like a good option for Giving Tuesday. I am not finding your referral link for it though (I don't see BofA one either for that matter).

Is EA ignoring significant possibilities for impact?

Fantastic stuff Aaron. Even as someone who has followed EA forum/newsletters/blogs for 2-3 years, there were quite a few things I didn't know about. Thanks!

Activism to Make Kidney Sales Legal

Excellent criticisms thanks. I do, occasionally, have ideas like this that seem worth posting, but that I am unlikely to ever get around to if I wait until I have time to give them the full research treatment. I suppose it would make sense to note that in the original post.

It also occurs to me that, while the idea that organ sales should be legal seems like a pretty mainstream view in EA circles, there are likely some members of the forum that disagree with that. Perhaps that could be someone's reason for downvoting.

Activism to Make Kidney Sales Legal

Yes that makes sense for sure. Thanks for the feedback.

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