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Can you elaborate on how the writeup is outdated? 

What is the best way for an individual to fund you?

I’m pretty convinced. Has anyone written about how to find these types of opportunities?

Answer by JeremyAug 08, 20232

I like Jacob’s advice over at Put a Num on It from a few years ago. robo-investing, diversified internationally. Not keeping much beyond what you need for bills in cash. https://putanumonit.com/2017/02/10/get-rich-slowly/

Zvi does a pretty in-depth AI news round up every week or two now, plus some individual posts on AI topics. Not exclusively about safety, but often gives his own safety-informed perspective on capabilities news, etc. https://thezvi.substack.com/

Great thank you. Late to the party, but by less than a month :).

If you like, I have some extra bandwidth this week and could transcribe some of them.

Agreed. Worth looking into alternatives that would be good for everyone.

Low hanging fruit sounds like a good alternative :p now I’m picturing the minks chilling under a bunch of trees, picking and ‘til they get their fill. Sadly, that’s very far from the situation…

Is the hypothesis that the minks are more likely to have caught it from encounters with wild birds, than the raw poultry that you mention they were fed on?

Perhaps a ban on feeding them poultry would be tractable/helpful if not?

This should be possible by adding noindex meta tags. That would indicate to search engines that a page shouldn’t appear in their results. They don’t have to honor that, but the major ones do, which is probably all we’d care about. I’m not sure how quickly stuff that is already in their index would be removed but there might be a way to manually trigger that.

I like the idea, but it probably wouldn’t/ shouldn’t change how much one should self-censor based on the possibility of things being quoted out of context by journalists. Any journalist worth their salt would have no trouble coming here to use the forum search, or creating an account.

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