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A cost-effectiveness estimate of EECC in  Tanzania has just been published. Using Covid-19 as a tracer condition, EECC has an  incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) of USD 14 /DALY when compared to current district level hospital critical care.

This look great!

How do you select projects and how are you funded? 
Do do commissioned work or pro-bono work or both? 
Are you a buisness or an NGO? 

What would be the (ballpark) cost of a 6-week project? 

Yes, the estimated cost effectiveness of 16 USD/ DALYS is for implementing EECC in Tanzania. A link will be set up as soon as the manuscript is published. 

The EECCnetwork has been established to facilitate advocacy, implementation and research around EECC.  The vision is to reduce/stop deaths that can be prevented by the low-cost, feasible lifesaving care that makes up EECC. The EECCnetwork needs funding to deliver on this, but the cost-effectiveness of such support is, as yet, unknown.

 Anyone with questions is most welcome to reach out us! 

Hi Matt, 

Thank you, I agree it is promising! 

The figure  "$16 per DALY " comes  from Wellcome Trust funded research. The manuscript is currently under peer-review.  The setting is district hospital level care in Tanzania.