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Working on a Ph.D. in Public Policy at Oxford. Previously director of strategic research and partnerships at CHAI at Berkeley, project manager and policy researcher at The Future Society in France, and UN youth delegate in climate negotiations.


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Very excited about this competition! Is it still happening?

In this case, it seems like a very good strategy for the world, too, in that it doesn't politicize one issue too much (like climate change has been in the US because it was tied to Democrats instead of both sides of the aisle).

Answer by CaroJNov 14, 202260

More opportunities:

  • The AI Safety Microgrant Round: "We are offering microgrants up to $2,000 USD with the total size of this round being $6,000 USD"; "We believe there are projects and individuals in the AI Safety space who lack funding but have high agency and potential."; "Fill out the form at by December 1, 2022."
  • Nonlinear Emergency Funding: "Some of you counting on Future Fund grants are suddenly finding yourselves facing an existential financial crisis, so, inspired by the Covid Fast Grants program, we’re trying something similar for EA. If you are a Future Fund grantee and <$10,000 of bridge funding would be of substantial help to you, fill out this short form (<10 mins) and we’ll get back to you ASAP." 

+ 1 for way more investigations and background checks for major donations, megaprojects, and association with EA.

I agree that the tone was too tribalistic, but the content is correct.

(Seems a bit like a side-topic, but you can read more about Leverage on this EA Forum post and, even more importantly, in the comments. I hope that's useful for you! The comments definitely changed my views - negatively - about the utility of Leverage's outputs and some cultural issues.)

For what it's worth, these different considerations can be true at the same time:

  1. "He may have his own axe to grind.": that's probably true, given that he's been fired by CEA.
  2. "Kerry being at CEA for four years makes it more important to pay serious attention to what he has to say even if it ultimately doesn’t check out.": it also seems like he may have particularly useful information and contexts.
  3. "He's now the program manager at a known cult that the EA movement has actively distanced itself from": it does seem like Leverage is shady and doesn't have a very good culture and epistemic, which doesn't reflect greatly on Kerry.

    So I would personally be inclined to pay close attention to his criticisms of CEA. At the same time, I would need more "positive" contexts from others to be able to trust what he says. 

I think this is totally fair and another reason not to do the Pentathlon: the Pentathlon is often particularly useful for the two weeks of the competition, but the habits often don't hold very well after. If you want to make the habits endure, I recommend setting up strong systems during the Pentathlon and holding yourself accountable for keeping them afterwards. For example,  the Pentathlon's sleep target will possibly lead you to set up an alarm on your phone, your computer, or your programmed lightbulbs, etc. to go to bed on time.  Set up a target of keeping them for one month after the Pentathlon, and set up an accountability system for that (a bet with a friend, a bet with a friend you met during the Pentathlon, etc).

There are often discussions on the Pentathlon Slack about these questions so people can help each other problem-solve!

Yes! If people are interested in joining an "EA Forum" team, they can either coordinate here or via EA Forum DMs. Otherwise, join as an individual and specify you want to join an EA Forum team and we'll match you with others!

You can definitely join as an individual! You'll then be matched to an EA team (probably made of other individuals). Would love to have you!

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