Summary: The Pentathlon is a 2-week long habit and productivity competition in teams. The Pentathlon runs from Sunday, April 24 to Saturday, May 7. We'll probably get around 20-30 EA Teams (EA orgs, local groups, and individuals grouped together). Sign up by April 17!

How to sign up

Sign up with a team of <15 participants ($300)

Sign up with a team of 15+ participants (custom pricing)

Sign up an individual and get matched with other EAs ($80)

Details: The Pentathlon is 2 weeks long, a “friendly competition” format where you score points individually and as a group for doing your Most Important Work, Health, Sleep, Nutrition, and Planning. Several EA organizations have participated in the Pentathlon (Future of Humanity Institute, CEA, Momentum, the Good Food Institute, Charity Entrepreneurship, and more). Last time, an EA organization won the entire Pentathlon. It’s excellent for peak performance and more friendships and team cohesion. Ultraworking really likes EA so they give the Pentathlon 90% discounted and with special customization for EA organizations and groups. If you want to join as a group, you may be able to use your group budget, otherwise, you can ask for a special reduction from the Ultraworking team.

More details here:
If you have any questions that aren’t answered by this document, your point of contact is Rosie Odsey (Operations Director at Ultraworking) - see her email address on the linked document.




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