Carol Chen

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Optimize... Everything?

I whole-heartedly agree! I have been trying to write a post on the same topic for a while now - would love to connect!

The Unweaving of a Beautiful Thing

So this is thing I keep telling everyone that I wish existed - “a pale blue dot” but make it EA. Absolutely breathtaking . Thank you for writing this

Save the Date: EAGxMars

Would love to know the feasibility of growing potatoes on the soil in the conference’s area just in case something goes awry

Introducing EA-nasir

Who says humanities in EA does not exist? This is a masterpiece of literary interpretation

EA Creatives and Communicators Slack

Hi, I am Carol and I am a student at Columbia University who loves to write, interview, record podcasts and do communications/outreach. I joined Columbia EA a while back and would love to learn more about how to make a creative career EA aligned.

I would love to join the Slack!