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Semi-regular Open Thread #35

A sharper way to put the question would be by how much this news should make us discount GiveWell's claims about a $1000 donation can do. (Also because not everyone's going to take the GWWC pledge of course. The key thing is simply that they donate and donate wisely.)

Semi-regular Open Thread #35

Monthly or perhaps every 2 months.

Thoughts on the "Meta Trap"

80,000 Hours' average cost per plan change this year was more like £300.

Approximately what is that £300 spent on? Is it staff time, and if so what is most of that staff time spent on? Talking to individuals and persuading them? Researching what careers would work for them and telling them? Or something competely different?

Thoughts on the "Meta Trap"

On second thoughts, "leisure time" isn't quite what I meant. I more thought that it would come out of other extracurriculars (e.g. chess society).

Based on other students I know who put time into rationalist or EA societies this seems right.

Effective Altruism Forum web traffic from Google Analytics

What traffic would you estimate the facebook group or other community venues to have?

Charity vs Consumerism in EA

Three main founders, Peter Singer, William MacAskill and Toby Ord., lead effective Altruism, which was founded in approximately 2011.

Please can we avoid talking about "founders" "leading" Effective Altruism? Its a set of ideas and a social movement, not a startup.

Am I an Effective Altruist for moral reasons?

I'd be curious to hear what Will, Toby, Nick, Amanda, Daniel, Geoff, Jeff and other philosophers in our group have to say about it at some point.

To give a minor bit of feedback: this use of unexplained first names rubbed me up the wrong way by making EA feel like a cliquish celebrity culture.

The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread – February 2016

Is there an old Facebook or Forum thread where people describe how many people they've 'recruited' to EA (to some extent, and in some shape or form)?

Effective Altruism London – a request for funding

Okay, will do, that makes a good deal of sense. Based on that page it looks like information on projects goes into one overall retrospective analysis but say if I'm wrong.

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