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What Motivates Unethical Behavior and How Does that Affect our Altruistic Response?

In the first example, Orval Faubus was given the resources, knowledge, and inspiration to be an advocate for positive change. However, he became a hateful segregationist who required oversight from the U.S. president. I think it's unfortunate that the positive change (the integration of Little Rock Central High School) needed to be mandated by military force, but ultimately it was necessary. In the second example, Daryl Davis made a huge positive impact in the fight for racial equality just by having interpersonal relationships with KKK members. I think he used the tools he had available to him which was the virtue of his character. He used patience, love, and communication to slowly but surely convince hateful people to stop being ignorant. In both situations, there was ultimately positive change but Daryl Davis certainly developed his skills better.